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     If you are interested in Class, Style, Natural Ability in your English Setters then you have came to the right place. We only breed, raise, and sell English Setters. These Missouri bred English Setters are located in the little town of Jasper Missouri. Here at JoJo's English Setters our goal is to produce the best available English Setters to make a healthy and trainable puppy that you can spend years of enjoyment with, either as a field trial prospect, or hunting partner. Our English Setter puppies have natural hunting instincts and a strong desire to please. The pedigrees of our English Setters are loaded with Champion and Hall of Fame Setters. They include Tekoa Mountain  Sunrise, Mr. Motion, Johnny Crockett, Havelock Blacksmith, Tomoka, Destinare, Body Guard, The Catalyst, Amos Mosley, Hytest Sky Hawk, Jetsetter, Grid Iron, Barkers Blue Jett, Barkers Big Coon,we also have some Stokely and Long Gone bloodlines.
     The years of enjoyment around English Setters started in the 70's with my father and uncle here in Missouri and continues today with my son, friends and family. As we grow older we cherish every minute outdoors with family and friends. With an English Setter by your side you can travel to new destinations and meet new friends. Belle is our first English Setter to run in field trials. She ran in the National Upland Classics Series (NUCS) In January (13 months old) and  National Bird Hunters Association (NBHA) as a Derby in April (15 months old). We ran in 2 trials in september without placements but great improvements. In December 2012 she placed 2nd in US Complete Trial (Amateur Shooting Dog). In December 2013 she placed 3rd in Amateur Gun Dog. $2500 will buy her today. She is steady to wing and shot in training but still needs a little more work to be finished. Belle finished the year as National Bird Hunters RU Shooting Dog  (js@f) of the year.
     JoJo's English Setters is family owned an operated. My desire is to reach  retirement and set around with these beautiful English Setters. We can breed a gundog for you, but all people are not trainers. We are just starting in the training  aspect and do not train for the public. If you do not have experience please have your dog professionally trained. English Setters have different temperaments and need to be trained as individuals. Our English Setter Puppies will be for sale by reservation with a $100 deposit. We will also sell Started English Setters as they are available. Breeding will be limited to 1 or 2 litters a year. Please feel free to roam through the pages checking us out. If you have any questions or comments about our English Setters please e-mail or phone us. If you are looking for a classy dog with natural talents give me a call.
      Puppies whelped Jan 02
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